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Reptile_Rock_CDOur 2000 release, Reptile Rock, features 15 original songs. The CD is the culmination of 2 years work, and represents the songwriting talent and musicianship of the Alligators Band and represents the songwriting talent and musicianship of the Alligators Band. The CD has thus far been added at over 75 radio stations across the US and Canada, has received positive reviews and attained two top-ten chart positions in college radio as reported by CMJ. The CD features both the electric and acoustic sides of the Alligators with catchy songs ranging in style from rock and pop to funk, blues and acoustic pop. Rather than wait to be categorized, the CD is titled to let the unfamiliar know that the Alligators call what they play “Reptile Rock.”

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A long-awaited solo album from Alan Goodrich, “Out On A Limb,” released in 2005, is the essence of Alan’s passion for music and the craft of songwriting. The majority of the original songs on this new CD are in the “acoustic rock” or “singer-songwriter” style with catchy melodies, strong vocals and guitar playing. Musical styles vary from rock, blues, and acoustic pop, to electrout_on_a_limb_CDic rock, funk, and even some “jam band” style stretching out.

Alan is joined on guitar on several tracks by former Alligators band-mate Erik Ringstad, and also Bruce Marshall of Toy Caldwell (Marshall Tucker) Band fame. “Out On A Limb” features Alan playing a variety of instruments including drums, guitar, percussion, bass guitar, and even clarinet. The CD has 13 new tracks and four bonus tracks, clocking in at over 62 minutes of music. Most of the songs on “Out On A Limb” were written solely by Alan. There are also some collaborations on the CD where Alan co-wrote songs with Kristin Herther, Erik Ringstad and Squire Mahoney.

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